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Notice to All Bidders

All auctions in this event have ended.  Thank you for your participation in our first online auction.  We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this auction and were able to pick up some great properties.
The bidding results will remain posted until November 24th for your review.  You may use the "Auction Regions" link above to view the properties and the winning bids on each.

Please join us at our regular site for announcements concerning upcoming sales events.
CENTURY 21 TRI-Timeshares

We've We've developed this new website to provide you with an online instant auction and have included features that will help you keep track of your bids and to help you navigate throughout the site.

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  • Easy Registration - just a few simple questions to get you registered so you can begin bidding.
  • Watch Dog - An easy way to track all of your bids on each property. Features full reporting capability.
  • Automatic Bidding - Just include the maximum bid you want to make on a property and the software will watch your bid for you and automatically place your bid if another bidder raises the bid (up to your maximum)
  • Email Notification - Reports will be sent to you each time your watchdog has placed a bid for you, when you have been successful in your bidding and a daily summary of your activity throughout the auction.
  • Password Assistance - If you should forget your bidder ID or your password, just submit a form and your information will be sent to you by email.
  • Searches - Use the handy search engine to find properties by region, by auction ending date, or by keywords.

Everything you need is here for a unique auction experience that will save you thousands of dollars on your luxury vacation properties.


So let's get started!
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